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Фотопостеры без оформления

Nowadays, many people are enamored with Scandinavian design. Among its trademarks are simplicity, brevity, and a color palette full of shades of white and grey with bright colorful splashes. There are many ways of introducing colors in the design: among them are plants, furniture, and of course, wall posters. Wall posters work well not only for Scandinavian design, but they also fit in with eclecticism, art deco, and minimalism, which explains their popularity.

There are thousands of existing posters on the market, but with the help of current technologies, you can create your poster that would be perfect for the design, style, and color palette of your house. Pick paper type and size in an online calculator, then template and image to upload in an online editor, and you're ready to create your poster design.

Posters are printed by large-scale printers on matte and semi-glossy paper. For better results, you need to strictly adhere to the requirements for image quality and resolution.

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March 13, 2020

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March 16, 2017

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