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Печать буклетов

Booklet is a service that would interest you after your company attained success. You have already found your target audience and attracted their attention, but they need to learn more about your services to make a final decision.

You may order booklets and place them on a reception stand or somewhere near the doors to your office, so your guests could learn more about you while they are waiting. If this booklet is especially beautiful or original and made from an original material such as design paper or plastic, they may take it with you and show their friends or post its photo on social media, that would help you to further promote your services.

Booklets may also be used as leaflets. They are more effective and informative, so if you take it into account, different in cost becomes almost insignificant. Booklets are printed on a coated paper, its weight may vary from 90 gsm to 120 gsm.

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