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Печать индивидуальных фотокниг

The first photo was made 200 years ago. This event went almost unnoticed because photography still had a long way to go. Nowadays, we can't imagine our lives without it. We photograph everything: meaningful moments, significant events, holidays, meetings, everyday lives, your friends, and family.

The main goal of photos is to catch time in a bottle, give us a pathway to the past, so we could return to it at any given moment and share it with others. In the past, people used photo albums, but photo books gradually become more popular. Put there your most treasured photos and leave ordinary ones to the web and computers.

There are various kinds of photo books: the most popular are digital printing and offset printing, different in format, and binding.

Custom photo books can open 180 degrees and provide more options in the choice of materials for cover and pages. Contents are printed on a photo paper, and its type can be picked in the online calculator. You can pick plastic instead of cardboard: this will make book more durable and waterproof. You may also choose a textile or leatherette cover presented in a variety of colors. Also, customization of endpapers, corners, disk or USB slots, and mini-books is available. Additionally, you can decorate cover with engraving, labels, and clippings.

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March 13, 2020

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March 16, 2017

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