Payment and Delivery

Payment Options

  1. Card Payments
  2. Phone Payments
  3. Terminal Payments
  4. Mobile Terminal (mPOS) Payments
  5. MasterPass Payments
  6. Bank Transfers
  7. Payment upon Delivery

Delivery Options

  1. Boxberry Delivery
  2. DPD Delivery
  3. IML Delivery
  4. PickPoint Delivery
  5. CDEK Delivery
  6. Qiwi Post Delivery
  7. Our Pick up Points (for free)
  8. With a courier (from 5$)

Attention. Delivery cost is added to the total of your order, depending on a place you collect your order (except for pick up points). Delivery time may differ.

If you want to learn more about payment and delivery terms, as well as, our return policy, please, go to Terms of Service.